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Am looking for any information on Alexander MIlls who came to America from Scotland in the late 1700,s.  He settled in New York,,maybe Delaware County and sons were Alexander, Thomas, Hugh, Peter and possibly William.  May have married Eunice Pearson in 1788.  Thanks for your help.  Karen




karen mills
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Pat Fischer
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Is this the same Alexander and Eunice as of South Carolina??

Listed as son to John MILLS and Elizabeth EDWARDS, of PA.

If there are any present day male MILLS, possibly this is a different family of MILLS than they are?? If they might consider doing a dNA test to see who all they may match with. That is, when all else has been exhausted, paper trail.

Of those who have already tested over 100.

 If they have become garbled with another similar same named couple, would be very interesting to see what the results might bring.

Although, those names you list does not seem to be on the particular file I have on my MISC MILLS file.

Is PEARSON the correct spelling for Eunice?

Have you checked all the other web sites, that have them listed?

www.ancestry.com, www.rootsweb.ancestry.com, www.gencircles.com, www.genealogy.com, www.kindredkonnections.com, and the many others "out there" on the NET.

 Other folks have also posted their family tree files on the Internet as well.

Have you tried dong a browser search for their names to see what "pops up" for you??

Granted very old researching may not have found the information that you have listed here and where they originally came from to this country.

Have seen other MILLS families listed with Scotland as part of the first ancestor listed. But most have no information listed for those men.





Pat Fischer
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