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Searching for Eli Ellner
Victoria Kahn
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 Hi to all Ellner and Elners.

 My husband and I are tracing our family trees and have discovered that Jerry has a first cousin once removed (on his mother's side) named Eli Ellner who would be about 92 years old this year (2008).  The last word we have of Eli indicates that he was living in Brooklyn New York. 

Since Jerry has never met Eli, we both thought we should post a message to try to locate Eli as soon as possible!  He (Eli) was the youngest in his family of origin as far as we know.  Jerry's mom died in Philadelphia at the age of 93 in 2003.  Jerry was born in Philly.

So, we would both be very happy to hear any news of or from Eli Ellner or any of his children or other relatives.

Our Ellners/Elners came to the USA from Romania.

Hoping to hear from someone soon and to exchange family information.

All the best,


Victoria Kahn
Carlsbad, CA
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