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Looking for Sarah/Sadie Sacco/Pollak
Samantha Hutchens
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My great Grandfathers first wife was named Sadie.  Her maiden name was SARAH POLLAK Her married name was SARAH SACCO she is listed on the 1920 US census as SADIE SACCO She was born (est) January 4, 1886 in New York, NY She was married to Antonio Sacco (Son of Emanuele Sacco and Filomena Di Simone Sadie's parents were named Sigmund Pollak and Bertha Pollak (Neustadter) They are Austrian and German respectively. According to oral history Sadie passed away during the 20s of a blood clot, when her daughter Bertha was only 10. However, no death record can be found. In fact, there is no death record for a Sarah Sacco/Sadie Sacco/ Sarah Pollak at all. The Closest I can find is a Sadie Pollak, in 1969 and a few Sarah Pollock's, but none in the 1920s If anyone has ANY information regarding Sadies death (or life) please let me know! Thank you so much!  Samantha
Samantha Hutchens
Nicholasville, KY
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