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Attention Morris and Carden Families
Brandi Barnes
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The descendants of Richard and Lucy Morris Carden are planning a reunion for 2009. We are looking for the descendants of Simon Peter and Maggie Evans Morris and their children Eli William James Kerry {Sarah Thompson} and Nancy M. {Seaward W. Hand}.

In addition, we want to make contact with the descendants of Thomas and Christiana Louvinia (Vini) Carden and their children Lillie Belle {Willie Lee}, Richard Ivy, Dortheila Julia (Dothy) {James Daniel Lee}, Minnie Viola (Vi) {Jesse James Morris}, William Ira {Eva Raffield}, Alexander (Candy){Helen}, and Leola {Call Padgett}. If you are a descendant of these families, please contact Brandi at carden_girl@bellsouth.net.

Brandi Barnes
Panama City, FL
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