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John Roberts - Crimean War veteran - help needed
Wayne Rodney Roberts
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 I need help in finding the UK Regiment details for John Roberts, born about 1828 to 1833 in County Armagh, Ireland (possibly Lurgan area), served and wounded in the Crimean War, married about 1855 at St. Hellier, Jersey, Channel Islands to Johanna Matthews, was at Fulford Barracks, York, England with wife in 1871 (census) and also in 1881 (without wife who died 1878 there), immigrated to Brisbane, Queensland around 1897 to join his brother Robert and family, and where he died 21 July 1908. He was listed as "pensioner" at time of death. As Australian pensions were not introduced until 1909, his must have been a British Army pension.

Any help in finding his British Army Regiment or service records or pension records would be appreciated as I wish to place an appropiate headstone on his unmarked grave in Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane. Lest We Forget.

His great great great nephew,

Wayne Roberts

Wayne Rodney Roberts
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