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Randome Duplication, & Triplicates, Cross Generation Screw-ups by the program... WHat Gives.
Elena Sandoval
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Was entering and saving a multi family tree.  Adding links both up, down and across.  Hadd about 100 entries entered and all of a sudden, there were over 200 entries.  Checking some of the records I see multiple duplicated siblings and the like I did not enter.  Now the THING has over 400 entries and it tied a 6 month old grand child to be the wife of a 4th generation back great grandfather...  and changed his last name to hers  What's with the bugs...  This is not funny.  Vista is the OS, the down load was just made.

 I see others have had Duplication issues with this software, I'm wondering if there were any real solutions or if this is just buggy code that works if everything is simple.

Is anyone maintaining this code?  Is there a pay'd version that's maintained better if this free one is not.  It sure looks like an EXCELENT effort and has been an easy tool to use, but not if it mixes data up like this. 


Elena Sandoval
Woodstock, IL
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