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researching Sellers family in North Yorkshire UK
Dave Cowton
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I am researching the Sellers family in North Yorkshire UK.
This is what I have so far:
Sometime around 1733, THOMAS SELLER was born.
On 28th November 1757, Thomas was married at Hunmanby to RUTH (Johnson) and they settled in Hunmanby.
They had seven children, all born in Hunmanby:-
baptised on the 12th October 1759.
married at Hunmanby 5.6.1779 to Thomas (Pashby)
baptised on the 27th May 1762.
married at Hunmanby 18.9.1786 to John (Champlin)
baptised on the 3rd December 1763.
baptised on the 15th November 1766.
baptised on the 13th January 1769.
baptised on the 8th October 1770.
didn’t survive long and was buried at Hunmanby 9.12.1772.
baptised on the 23rd June 1778.
Thomas senior died in 1810, aged 77 yrs old, and was buried at Hunmanby on the 4th July of that year.
THOMAS (born 1763):
(Thomas may have previously been married at Hunmanby 16.8.1785 to Mary (Marshall) – one of Thomas’ grandchildren was given the christian name Marshall).
On the 29th September 1789 Thomas was married at Hunmanby to MARY (Dodson), and they also settled in Hunmanby, where Thomas was a Cattle Dealer in North Street.
Thomas & Mary had six children, all born at Hunmanby:-
baptised on the 12th July 1790.
married at Hunmanby 9.5.1813 to William (Smith)
baptised on the 25th November 1793.
baptised on the 12th August 1798.
baptised on the 25th December 1800.
baptised on the 2nd October 1803.
baptised on the 25th September 1807.
JOHN (born 1793):
On the 11th January 1821 John was married at Rudston to ANN (Foster), (daughter of James and Mary Foster), who was born at Rudston 25.8.1796. John was a farm labourer at Reighton, where their first child was born:-
baptised on the 1st July 1821.
The family subsequently settled at Speeton where John worked as a farm labourer.
John & Ann had a further four children, all daughters, all born at Speeton:-
born c1827
born c1833
baptised on the 7th February 1836
Jane Dinah
born c1837 (baptised 25th May 1837)
WILLIAM (born 1821):
William married CATHERINE, born at North Burton c.1822.
In 1851 (census), they were living with William’s parents and their four children all born at Speeton:-
born c1844
born c1847
born c1848
born c1850
By 1861 (census), John Snr had his own farm of 15 acres - Woodbine Farm, Speeton.
William was also a farm labourer.  By 1861 William & Catherine'sfamily had increased by four, all born at Speeton:-
born c1852 (baptised 4th July 1852)
born c1855
born c1856
born c1859
By 1871 (census), John Snr had died and Ann was living with William and Catherine at Speeton Farm. William (Snr) had taken over the family farm and he and Catherine had two more children, both born at Speeton:-
born c1862
born c1863 (baptised 20th December 1863)
This completed their family of ten children. At this time an ‘s’ had been added to the name becoming ‘Sellers’.
By 1881 (census), William had increased his holding to 45 acres at Woodbine Farm and was living there with William (Jnr) and Catherine. Also working on the family farm were sons Benjamin and JOHN
JOHN (born c1850):
JOHN had married EMMA (born at Barrow on Humber, Lincolnshire. c.1856), they had four children, all born at Speeton:-
born c1878
born c1879 (married at Speeton Church 10.2.1904 when she was 25 to John Henry Plewes (28).
born c1880
born around February 1881
By 1891, William and Catherine had retired and were still living in Speeton. At this time Benjamin was a widower and was working as a signalman on the railway at Speeton, he had a two year old daughter, Mabel, born at Gristhorpe c.1889.
John and Emma were still working the family farm and they had increased their family by six, all born at Speeton:-
born c1883
born c1885
born c1886
born c1888
born c1890
born c1891
By 1901, John & Emma were still at Woodbine Farm, with Alice, Charles and Thomas, plus their eleventh child:-
born c1892 at Speeton.
John & Emma’s son William (born 1880), was living at No.9 Speeton Village with his wife Rachel, (born at Rudston c.1878), and their daughter, Elsie born at Speeton c.1900. William’s grandmother, Catherine, was also living with them at this time.
William worked with his father on the family farm, part-timing elsewhere, and probably didn’t take the farm on when his father died. William kept a diary from 1910 to 1929 (when the diary, which gives a fascinating insight into their lives, ended somewhat abruptly).

To read the diary as an e-book please click on the link below labelled 'open publication'diary1

John was probably a tenant at Woodbine Farm because in the diary we read that a Mr Appleby bought the farm in 1923, although John seems to have remained as tenant. John had already bought Cliff Cottage for £180 in 1918 and maybe he was unable to afford to buy the farm. William moved into the cottage in the same year.
ADA SELLERS (born c1881):
The church register at Hunmanby Church gives ADA SELLERS of Speeton as the parentof WILLIAM COWTON who was baptised there on the 5th August 1900. William’s birthday is believed to be the 19th July 1900.
On the 1st September 1906, ADAmarried MARK COWTON, (baptised at Hunmanby 3rd September 1879).
Ada and Mark had three more children:-
born c1904
born c1908
born c1913
Ada died at Hunmanby in 1926, when she was just 45 years of age. She was buried in Hunmanby cemetery, 26th March 1926.
Mark died in 1957 and was buried at Hunmanby 19th July 1957.
It is currently not known what became of the rest of John and Emma’s large family.
William and Rachel’s daughter Elsie apparently didn’t marry, but she had two illegitimate children, Dennis c1929, and Sarah c1934.
There are no Sellers living in Speeton now.
Any help would be appreciated
Dave Cowton
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