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Newbury Family Tree
Rebecca M. Salmon
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I have been trying to research and find my roots for a year now. No one seems to know anything in my family. There have been fights since before I was born about the way to spell the family name. Or no one remembers or just don't want it known. So if anyone has any information to help send me a message.

My grand father's name is Bernard John Newbury Born 1928 died 1983. My Grandmothers name is MaryAnn Syracuse born 1931 died 1999. 


Other names in my family are : Syracuse, Newberry, Hachten, Seitz,

And my husbands family are : Salmon, Hornsby, Nelson, Snyder, Ragsdale, Collins


So if anyone has any information you can email me at becky123081@aol.com . 

                   Thank you to anyone who can help. 


Rebecca M. Salmon
Lockport, NY
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