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My Grandmother
Carole Mann
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My grandmother was Margaret Jane Moyle daughter of Solomon and Grace Moyle.  She then moved to Consett Co. Durham with her parents but shows up on a Census as working for a family back in Cornwall.  Somehow she met and married my grandfather Henry Fox who was a miner in Co. Durham but they moved to Barnsley in Yorkshire where she had a family.  There were three boys George, Edwin and Henry and my mother Blanche.  I was told she had another younger son who died at age 2/3 ? and she died in childbirth when my mother was about 7 years old.  Much hardship followed for my mother and her brothers but her father remarried and they moved to New Mill (near Holmfirth) Yorkshire (to work in the mill there).  My mother was sent to work in the Duke of Leeds public house when she was 13 and later worked in the mills too as a weaver.  I had always been interested in the history of the Moyles and intrigued by the unusual name of "Solomon".  I would be interested to hear more about this branch of the family especially if there are relatives of Margaret Jane Moyle living still in Cornwall or Co. Durham.
Carole Mann
Carlisle, United Kingdom
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