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Hello,  I am seeking more information about my grand father (Antonius Kling) and great grand father (Johannes Kling),  they where born in Leiden Holland, My parents came to Australia in 1957 and I am born here in Australia, I have some information but not much concerning my grandfather, such as he was put in a home for the abandoned when he was 12yrs old, where and why I don't know, I would like any information concerning him as it would be of great help to me.

I have managed to trace my family back to before 1810, they have all been born in Leiden,  The last positive person is Johannes Kling born 1810,  I have found his probable father "Frans Kling"  but cant be sure as yet, It would be great to make that connection, so any help would again be very appreciated

Rgrds  Mike Kling

mike kling
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