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Davidowski, Labuda, Hoppa Family
Janice Roe
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I'm looking for information on Davidowski, Labuda, and Hoppa family in wisconsin.  This is what I have so far Adam Dawidowski and Eva Kuper, poland, Sierakowice paish.  Married on 1845.   Their children born in poland were

Eva Louise 1848, Jozeph Ignaz 1850, Marianna Franciska 1853, Josephine marianna 1858 and Michael Augusta 1859.  I don't know if they married, when they died or if they even came to the united state.

Michael Agusta married Agusta Labuda on 1885 in poland. Her father Adam Davidowski was deceased by now.  I don't know when he was born but I know he had to die between 1859 and 1885.  I also don't know the birth or death of Eva kuper.

They had 3 children in poland leon, eva (died), anna.  They came to wisconsin in 1892 and settled in the  bevent, marathon county  here they had Martha, John and Joseph.  I know that Martha married a Alex Walkush  and Anna married a Walksuh to but I don't know the husbands name.  Leon married Mary Cychosz.  I know pretty much the Wisconsin ancestry after that.

At the time of michael and Agustas marriage her dad was deceased and her mother was remarried to a Franz Hoppa.  I don't know when he died etc but i know it was in wisconsin. I don't know time of marriage.

Her first husband was Stanislaus Labuda.  I found from looking on polish wesite that I believe he was born in 1805  in poland to Stanlius labuda and Magdalena.  The other siblings listed for him are Anna 1804,  Adalbertus 1808, Francisca  1812, Joannes 1813 and Marianna 1816.  I believe his first wife was  a Catharyna Wika and  his children with her were Francisca1832, August 1833, Anna Marianna 1837 and Johann jacob 1839.  I figured this out from copies of records I just had on Johann.  There was his death record and it said he died in 1886 and was married to a Josephine Walkusz in 1865.  I have not been able to find if they had any children or not.  There  was also a joseph labuda listed  on the death record of Johann but then on evas death record is stated a josheph Hoppa so I'm not sure what was right.   Franciska married Stanlius labuda in 1859 and I believe he died in 1873 making him 67 years old it  just all added                                                                                              

Her second marriage to Franz  I found out from looking up at websites that they had Martha born 1885.  I don't know if they had any more children in an obituary I have there's a charles and a mathilda (flees) listed as Marthas siblings.  I'm also questioning if there wasn't a basil. She married first a john fry and then a george Tritten.

I would appreciate any  information anybody has.





Janice Roe
Birnamwood, WI
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