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Patrick Monahan wife Matilda, sons Thomas, Joseph, Raymond- NJ
Pamela Monahan
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I think Patrick was born in 1880.

Raymond is my grandfather, he was born in 1915, died 1957 when my dad was a baby. My grandmother didn't get along with her in-laws, so aside from the names Patrick and Matilda, I know nothing. My family believes Thomas and Joseph moved to Florida, and maybe you're related to them? I think, but am not positive, that Thomas and Joseph were older than Raymond.

I'm pretty sure (but not positive) the family is from Hudson County, NJ. I know they were Catholic.

I'd be interested in any information, either about Patrick or Matilda's family or information about Thomas or Joseph's family. Sadly, I have no idea what Matilda's maiden name was...

Thank you!

Pamela Monahan
Moore, SC
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