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Sallie A Tyson
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I have noted that several places on this board that Sallie A Tysor is mislisted as Sallie A Tyson.  She is my great-grandmother.  Her birth name was Sarah Ann Tysor  and she was married to Augustus Pharr Davis.  She was born 2/27/1854 and died 11/3/1924.

The census record upon which most of the readings is taken, which is on file with the Library of Congress has an old style R at the end of the name which has been misinterpreted by both Genealogy.com and many other genealogical sites, including this one, as an N, meaning that records that cannot find Sarah Ann Tysor, whose father was Harris Tysor (born August 15, 1808, died May 2, 1887) and whose mother was Lydia Gilbert (b. October 2, 1825 and died June 28, 1886). 

Harris Tysor was the son of Lewis Tysor, who was born in France January 10, 1755 and immigrated to the U.S. with his father Orren who was born in Portugal.  He came over with Lafayette's soldiers to fight in what was later called the Revolutionary War.  He had a dark complexion and Harris and his family were called the "Black Tysors" from their dark olive skin.  There are pictures from the 1860s that show their families.   The Tysor family now is rather large as Harris was married three times and had between 8 and 12 children with each wife.  Harris was a schoolteacher and built several schools for blacks after the Civil War.    

Charles Butler
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