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Mary White...wife of Jacob Rhyne of Itawamba co. Miss.
clark rhyne
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Recently, I found information stating that Jacob Rhyne of Itawamba Co. Mississippi had a wife named Mary White.  Having extensive research on this family, I have never seen this before.  Jacob was married to Katie Stroup and had several children in what is now Gaston Co. NC, they divorced and he married Sarah "Sally" Hope, and they eventually moved to Itawamba Co. Mississippi.  They had a large family including Francis Marion Rhyne, Jacob's last child, from whom I descended.  Jacob died there about l842 and I have not been able to find when Sally Hope Rhyne died.  I set a grave marker for them in the Hopewell Baptist Church cemetery south of Fulton as I have reason to believe they are buried there.  But, a "Mary White" as Jacob's wife is a mystery.  Francis Marion Rhyne had a son named Henry White Rhyne so there must be some kind of connection to someone named White, perhaps Mary, but who is she?  If you can help me with this, it would be deeply appreciated.  Clark Rhyne
clark rhyne
Wardville, OK
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