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Searching for Irish Ancestors
Thelma Brooks
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I am searching for information on my g.grandparents this is the information I have:

Their names were: Arthur William and Margaret O'Connor (nee Mooney)

They arrived aboard the British Trident (Ship) into Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on the 18th July, 1855.

The only information I could obtain was that they departed from Dublin Ireland.

Their ages were given as: Arthur (27) and Margaret (18) no information on their dates of birth or their parents details.

This information has just come to me but I do not know from what source it has come.

This could be them: Arthur O'Connor and Margaret Mooney married 26/08/1854 at Parish of St Audoens C of I City of Dublin Ireland.

Witness's were Margaret Mooney & Arthur Spence

Arthur's employment was given as a Clerk.

I don't have any actual proof that the above is them but it looks hopeful.

I know about their lives from 1855 on here in Australia.

I am not experienced with Irish research & need help if someone out there could point me in the correct direction to research further.


Thelma Brooks
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