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Quarry death list VT & Cemetery
Patricia Mielke
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I have inquired long ago about this thru other sites and thought I would give it another shot.

Does anyone know where I could find a list of quarry deaths ( early 1900's and on )?  Also, does anyone know where an immigrant worker would be interred?  Would the company pay for that if the person did not have money to be interred and did the companies have their 'own' burial sites or would the person be in a paupers cemetery?

I have been looking for a lost great uncle.  He was killed in a quarry accident and was buried in VT.  These 2 things we know to be true.

His Americanized name would have been William Walunas. His given name would have been Vilhelmas Valiunas. He was Lithuanian.

I have run out of places to contact :(  I am awaiting a response from the VT State Archives.  I was unable to give them all the info they 'require'.  I do not know the exact year of death or the place. 

Thank you.


( Researching : Walunas ~~ Riel ~~ Ramenda ~~ Sikora ~~ Aliuk ~~ Dalikas ~~ Stanonis ~~ Mielke ~~ Katzschmann )


Patricia Mielke
Easthampton, MA
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