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searching for Dassouki and Arnaout
sarah dassouki
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I am seeking more information on my grandfather AMINE DASSOUKI. Amine was born and died Lebanon. He was married to my grandmother NIAMEH ARNAOUT who i also assume was born and died in Lebanon. AMINE had 7 siblings 2 sisters Raffeeka and Nafeesah, and 5 brothers Mohammad, Ali, Mahmood, Ibraheem, and Saad. NAIMEH had 2 sisters: Hanan and Salaam and 4 brothers Ahmad, Ibraheem, Adnan, and Hassan They had 2 sons: Nizar and Ihab and 6 daughters: Wafa, Amal, Amira, Nadia, Widad and Narimen. Thats really all I know about both of them. Any additional information about them will be greatly appreciated.  Sarah Dassouki(University of Connecticut-Storrs) (Researching: Dassouki and Arnaout)
sarah dassouki
Tolland, CT
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