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Not to sound like an old celebrity for those who know him "i wanna tell you a story" some of the story may seem romantic someabout those searching for a new life and some of the story is possibly about religious differences and family deceit some i know to be true from the record searches that i have done and the rest is what has been passed down to me through the family so if any is untrue then i can only apologise now but it does make good reading. Around 1890 my great grandmother set off from ireland to the usa for perhaps a better life and then around 1892 my great grandfather did the same it is not clear to me wether they knew each other before this time they met in the usa and were married around 1897 and had from what i can gather around 4 children my grandad (or pop as we knew him) was born in manhattan on the 4th of january 1901 i am unsure wether any or all of his siblings survived.they were on the 1900 uscensus living at District 452, Manhattan, New York Co., New York 126 West 63rd Street and the 1910 us census living at544 West 50th Street, Line 45 but not on the 1920 us census so i presume that they moved back to ireland between 1910 and 1920. On the 14th may 1921pop married my gran mary (lee) in stpatricks chapel magherafelt i have been told that pop and my gran were different religions 1 being catholic and the other either protestant or presbyterian and pops family frowned upon this infact as the story goes pop was to inherit a couple of farms somwhere in the north but after he married my gran his family namely an uncle burned him out of his house and chased him from the north and pop and my gran were helped by a preist to escape the rage of his dissaproving family after this pop and gran fled to a farm on main street buncrana in donegal and pop worked on a farm as a labourer aswell as loing the irish volunteer reserves and while serving in the reserves he was involved in an accident on 31 march 1923 which put him into hospital until 8 febuary 1924 after this i lose them for a while and then they move to kilcullen county kildare where my father was born and pop lived until a ripe old age of 90 and my gran until she was 69. if i find anymore i will add to this story if you know anything please let me know check my web www.freewebs.com/irishgeneology
richard clements
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