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Justiniano originally from Puerto Rico
Hector Diaz
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Looking for any Justinianos from Puerto Rico and U.S. to compare and share genealogical information.  My most direct ancestor was Jose Justiniano from Las Marias, PR.  He temporarily lived in Rochester, NY and later moved back to Puerto Rico settleling in Mayaguez where he passed away.  Born aprox. in 1894 & Died in 1966.  He married Carmen Luisa Gonzalez Valentin.  His parents were Domingo Justiniano & Felicia Santiago Rodriguez.  Any information on any of these names is welcome.  Also looking for the Valentin family that originated in Rio Prieto, Lares.  A living Valentin that is my grandmother's brother is believed to live in the New York City area.  He's named Antonio Gonzalez Valentin.  Other Gonzalez Valentin siblings included Mercedes, Bernita, Luis & Esteban.
Hector Diaz
Rochester, NY
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