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GOVEA still looking !! 2007
rita govea
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   still looking for the family of Govea's we are all family . still trying to connect the dots... I am the daughter of jGuadalupe G Govea born in Mexico in 1910 cme as a small child. with his father Victuranio Govea and Rejuio Garcia, and two son's Jose and Jesus.. they all have children,,,,, they also came with I belive with Marcellian and his wife they had two son's John {Juan}  and Gregerio Govea John has 5 children and Gregerio has children but don't know where they live.. I knbow that a town in Mexico has a lot of Govea's cause I used to writ to a young lady and she would write to me in spanish and I in english....so  I know that my grandfarhter had brother's and that he had lots of cousin's one for sure is Trinidad Govea in the USA san fernando vally Calif. I know they all were up north at one time or another working as my father told me... so more info... there is a Jose Govea one of his son's that know some of the history which I hopw to get some day........so I know that the first letter of my grandfather brother manes start with the Letter's     L     . M .....E......and so on
rita govea
Los Angeles, CA
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