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Hi Guys,


      I was looking for books on my Family name and I came upon http://www.ancestralbooks.com/catalog/index.php that has some very interesting books. I was able to find some books on my family name that I thought I should share with you.

Chart of the Descendants of Joseph Coolidge, b. 1719 of Boston, MA, who Married Marguerite Olivier… - by Coolidge, Charles A n/a , 1898 Descendants of John and Mary Coolidge of Watertown, Massachusetts 1630 - by Coolidge, Emma D. Boston, MA , 1930 Genealogy of Some Descendants of John Coolidge - by n/a Boston, MA , 1892 One Branch of the Coolidge Family: 1427-1963. - by Crawford, Frederick Coolidge Cleveland, OH , 1964
Ancestral Links
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