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French Fellers
William Feller
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I am Bill Feller. My Feller ancestors came from northern France in 1856. They farmed next to  the Luxemburg border, which probably changed in the middle centuries. Therefore, considering that they spoke German, they were probably more german than french...... Research has gotten us back to the birth date of my gr-gr-gr-grandfather Henri Feller at Puttelange les Thionville, France.  Short of being able to go to france for research, I would like to find Feller relatives, whether from northern France, Luxemburg, or Germany.   I have done a 67 marker DNA test, but Fellers who have also been tested are not closely related. So i am still looking for someone in the same haplogroup    I(as in eye)-2b.  I am a member of the Feller group in FamilyTreeDNA.  Testing in a group makes a person eligible for discount.. I cannot guess what the cost would be today, but i think it is very reasonable.

Hoping you are having luck in your Feller family resarch.....Bill

William Feller
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