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Can you help me Please
Nick Alberson
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Hello my name is Nick and my dad Ray Johnson was adopted at birth and never knew his parents, he has since passed away and I am trying to find ways to find out my heritage. Can anyone help me?



Nick Alberson
Cape May, NJ
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RE: Can you help me Please
Whitney Downer
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Hey Nick,


there are only a few ways you can start all this, I think.

First, did your dad have any information on his birth-parents? If not, you might want to get into contact with the Red Cross.

 If you have no information about your dads birth-family they might give you a hard time though. If it were your dad asking it would be different. Do you have his birth-name?

You need basic information to start all this. Does you Mom know something?

 Start small, the rest gets a little easier, as time goes by.

Hope this was of help


Whitney Downer
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