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Michael Wiseman c1700 Nth Yorks / Co.Durham Sth.
michael Wiseman
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Michael Wiseman, Startforth Research

I'me looking for a Michael Wiseman bn 1/7/1694 in Ravensworth (Nth Yks)I know detail of his father Edward & his two wives,Mary[Atkinson] being his mother,and his siblings,Isobell[1696].Ann[1700]Christopher[1704]....Don't know detail of dau dying 30/9/1711 or anything of history or whereabouts of family after 1711(last mention of them in R'Wth).                                There is a Mich(yeo)presumed Michael in the Startforhth (Nth Yks)area, who had four chldren  there bet 1726-1737 (I know all family line after that)but don't know anything about Mich.Could he have been Micheal 1694?               Also mentioned  a Michael who witnesses an apprenticeship of William&John Redhead from S.fth to Joseph Appleby(weaver)of B/Castle in 1735/36 resp.      Mention also of a Michael in Preston Richard(Heversham)petitioning for arrears of relief for 3 children at Carlisle Q.S in 1729(no link with Startforth known at present).                 Could the 1st three Michaels be one and the same,plus even the 4th as there are very few Michaels about in N.Yks,Sth Durham,Cumbria area,at this time.....Any help very much appreciated.                                       

michael Wiseman
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