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Michael Sherwood - 1952
Bryan Schoch
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Just wondering if anyone can point me in a direction. I'm working on tracing back my family tree, but my father was adopted so I'm at a dead end there.

 We know nothing about his family other than they were poor and lived in Philadelphia. My dad was adopted when he was like 7 weeks old, maybe earlier, and never cared to find out who his biological parents were. I believe he had 12 or 13 brothers and sisters and his birth name was supposedly Michael Sherwood. His mother and father were not married, so we don't know if Sherwood was his mothers or his fathers last name.

 We do know his father painted billboards, or so we've been told. All we know about his mother is that she apparently really enjoyed having babies. Haha.

Birthdate is 11-24-1952 and I believe he was born at Thomas Jefferson hospital.

Bryan Schoch
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