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Some books on the Jackson Family
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Hi Guys,


      I was looking for books on my Family name and I came upon http://www.ancestralbooks.com/catalog/index.php that has some very interesting books. I was able to find some books on my family name that I thought I should share with you.

A Branch of the Jackson and Correlated Families - by Jackson, Samuel Nelson New York, NY , 1911 A Memoir of Dr. James Jackson: With Sketched of His Father Hon. Jonathan Jackson, and His Brothers Robert, Henry, Charles, and Patrick Tracy Jackson: - by Putnam, James Jackson Boston, MA , 1905 Descendants of Daniel W. Jackson and Polly Frisbie of Naperville Illinois - by Jackson, Emma n/a , 1966 History of the Jackson Family of Hempstead, Long Island, N.Y. … - by n/a Loveland, CO , 1951 Jackson - Proceedings of the Sesqui-Centennial - by Jackson, Halliday Philadelphia, PA , 1878 Jackson - Taylor and related Families - by Short, Aimee J. Dallas, TX , 1960 The Descendants and Ancestors of William Jackson and his Wife Rachel Tomlinson Jackson - by Riegel, Mayburt Stephenson Ann Arbor, MI , 1940 The Edward Jackson Family of Newton, Massachusetts. In the Lines of Commodore Charles Hunter Jackson. United States Navy… - by Starr, Frank F. Hartford, CT , 1895 The Family and Early Life of Stonewall Jackson - by Cook, Roy Bird Richmond, VA , 1925 The Family of Michael Jackson, Emigrant from Ireland, Citizen of Hartford County, Connecticut…… - by Jackson, Horace Mortimer Kansas City, MO , 1909 The Genealogy of the Jackson Family. - by Jackson, Rev. Hugh P n/a , 1890 The Hon. Jonathan Jackson and Hannah (Tracy) Jackson - by Putnam, Elizabeth C. & James J. Boston, MA , 1907 The Jackson Chronicles. Wherein are Related Some Facts in the Life of the Reverend John Jackson. A. B. His Ancestors…. - by Jackson, Fred K Burlington, VT , 1949 The Jackson Family. A History of Ephraim Jackson, First Ancestor to come to America and His Descendants, 1684-1960 - by Cross, Jesse C. n/a , 1961
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