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Pat Bryant
RE: Teresa Tillman Freeburg Missouri- Looking for Family
Victoria Questell
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Hello:  I was researching a Teresa Tillman to see if she still existed and she was from Freeburg, MO.   This is the first time I've found her name and photos.  Do you know if her father and uncle were drunks? 

My father is not the man holding your father in the photo you uploaded.

Dad used to go to a dance hall somewhere in Maries or Osage, MO counties and mentioned he liked to dance with a Teresa Tillman from Freeburg, Mo as she was one of the best little dancers there.  I'm sure she's the only T.F. there. 

Dad told me some time ago her father was a falling down drunk as well as her uncle.  Not a pretty site and that Teresa was very embarrassed with her father.  I wonder after she divorced James Andert where did she live other than St. Louis?  Did she remarry?    I've done a great deal of research of dads early friends finding little information and finally I've located a photo thanks to you.  No she wasn't anyone he dated so I can't help with your grandfather question.  

Did your grandmother have other children?

Have you checked any records in the Maries County Gazzette?  Not sure but I did find my father in those papers.

Perhaps a photo of James Andert and she might show up in 1947, but not sure.  

I'm trying to locate info of the Breece women murders from 1915 that took place in Argyle, MO and my grandfather was the man Mr. Pointer turned to after he shot these women.  These women rented land to share croppers and then when time to harvest would steal most of their crops.  Anyway I hope you find the person you're looking for.

Do you live in Missouri?


Victoria Questell
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