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Looking for Info -Teresa Tillman, Freeburg MO
Pat Bryant
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My Grandmother's name was Teresa Tillman, then married James Andert which lasted less than 60 days. Was told she was 3 months pregnant when he came back off the ship..they were not in love, marriage I can only imagine at that time was to give him a last name other than hers??? Father was born in 1948 In St Louis MO. My grandmother was 19 at the time of his birth Graduated 1947 from Freeburg High School in Missouri. Apparently she was involved with someone while still in High School or shortly after graduating. I only want to know who you are I don't want anything else. My father passed away already as well as my mother. I know there were many pictures of my grandma and father with a man named Ron or Ronald/Don or Donald Hanlon on the back of the photo..which I will try to include here. Teresa attended school In Freeburg or Argyle Missouri according to the graduation photo..I do have all the names in her graduating class as well. Did you know her? Do you know who she might have been involved with? Please contact me..any information would be helpful..just want to know who my grandfather is or was. Thank you kindly.
Pat Bryant
Jefferson City, MO
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