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Abreu Family from D. R. possibly Candelaria from Spain
Kelly Abreu
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I am working with my sister and a few of my cousins to create our family tree.  We are looking for anyone in the Abreu Family from the Dominican Republic and Candelaria Family from Spain.

Our paternal grandmother, Carmen Amada's maiden name was Hernandez and she married Luis Felipe Abreu.  I'm going to assume that they lived in Sabaneta, La Vega, because that's where my dad grew up.  Luis Felipe died at a young age and left behind about 10 children.

From talking to my aunt, I learned that Luis Felipe's father name was Ramon Antonio Abreu.  Ramon Antonio also had a brother, I do not know his name. Ramon Antonio's original last name was Candelaria, as his father was a Spaniard, but because he left my great-great-grandmother, in the Dominican Republic to return to Spain, she changed their last names back to her maiden name, which was Abreu. 

Ramon Antonio Abreu then married Clemencia Antonia Idaly Cosme. I'll guess that they were probably married between 1900-1920.  I'm not too sure though.   

If anyone can help, or if you may have some information, please post back.


Kelly Abreu
Perth Amboy, NJ
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RE: Abreu Family from D. R. possibly Candelaria from Spain
Yehuda Daniel Rothschild
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This information could maybe help you....there is information about the Abreu family here




Yehuda Daniel Rothschild
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