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ooking for info on family ,I believe in milford Wisconsin.Clarence Eugene SIMPSON was my grandfather He Died in WWII Tunesia Africa in 3-6-1943 MIA Corporal US Army with His Brother Robert Simpson Died 3-9-1943 Tunesia Us Army Air corps MIA,great grandparents names are h Simpson and M smith. M SMITH died around 1910,H Simpson Died 1950s In California I cant find any info on him except listing in city directory Cd for San Francisco 1943 listed as Henry C Simpson.M Smiths parents were Ernest and Augusta Smith Immegrated from Germany in 1800s aunts and uncles were Anna Stuelke ,Elizabeth Anne Thompson looking for any info availible on Stuelkes,Thompsons,Simpsons,Smiths, in wisconsin.this is all the info i have from family .where can I find census info for wisconsin for 1900s.  karen I have info for you
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