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Messingers from Hungary/Slovakia
Laura Molnar
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I'm looking to make contact with anyone who has Messinger ancestry from Hungary/Slovakia.

I can trace my family back to Jozsef Messinger (my great-great-great-grandfather), b. 1807.  Jozsef married Zsuzsanna (Susana) Baumhoor/Baunhoor/Baumhoor, b. 1809.  Jozsef & Zsuzsanna lived in Kassa/Kozma/Koza, Hungary now Kosice, Slovakia and had at least 6 children - Herman, b. 1834, Rosalia, b. 1840, Samuel, b. 1842, Ana, b. 1847, Simon, b. 1849 & Jacob (my great-great-grandfather), b. 1836 d. 1917 in Miskolc, Hungary.

Jacob Messinger was born in Kassa/Kosice and went on to marry Regina/Regi/Rela.  They lived in Kassa/Kosice & had 13 children, of which I've identified 3.

     Cidunia/Sidonia/Szidi Messinger b, 1874, d. 1958, who went on to marry Adolph Weiss & immigrated to NYC, where her children were born.

     Arthur/Abraham Messinger, b. 1878, d. 1941, who lived on Elisabethplatz 3 Budapest, Hungary & went on to marry Julia/Yulia Gelb.  they fled to Yugoslavia, but died in the Shoah - their two children escaped & fled to America.

     Joseph Messinger, b. 1881, d. 1951.  My great-grandfather, who changed his name in 1900 to Molnar.  Joseph was the youngest of the 13 children.  He went on to marry Gizella Mandl/Mandel & had 8 children of his own.  Joseph was an estate farmer in Kondo, Hungary, where there was a castle - family members often came to vist or spend the summer there.  The family moved to Miskolc in 1919 & by 1923 had immigrated to NJ, USA.

Sidonia, Abraham & Joseph had 10 other siblings  whose whereabouts & fates are unknown, not to mention numerous aunts. uncles & cousins.  I was told that much of the family died in the Shoah, but I'm hoping that some of them, somewhere survived.

If you can you recognize any of the names in this post or a Messinger in your family came from North-Eastern Hungary/Slovakia, particularly the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén area, please respond to this post.  We may have information to exchange.

~~~ laura

Laura Molnar
Wayne, NJ
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RE: Messingers from Hungary/Slovakia
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My grandmother's mother, Rebecca, was a Messinger, born in Slovakia/Hungary in 1858. She had a sister,Sidonia, who married Jacob Korach and lived in Siroke, Slovakia (near Kosice). She also had a brother Morris and another sister, Estie, and perhaps more. Rebecca, Estie, and Morris emigrated to the United States as adults.

I don't have much information about her parents, but they may be related to your Messingers.



Durham, NC
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