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Family Record of Gilbert Dodds:

Gilbert Dodds (Rev) born 6 June 1793,

Mary Clinton was born 8 March 1800

Gilbert Dodds Mary Clinton married 12 Oct 1815

James Clinton Dodds born 30 oct 1816

Nancy Jane Dodds born 30 Jan 1819

Francis Newton Dodds born 10/8/1822

Minerva Dodds born 7/3/1820

William Drennan Dodds born 7/3/1825

Amanda Eveline Dodds born 12/22/1827

John Harvey Dodds born 2/14/1830

Alfred Stephenson Dodds born 5/20/1832

Thomas Campbell Dodds born 11/6/1834

Margaret Ann Dodds born 10/8/1837

Mary Elizabeth Dodds born 11/2/1840

Ira Reynolds Dodds born 2/16/1843

Western Union Telegraph Company September 1885, To Dr Doods:

…wife died at twelve thirty today…. Come on first train…  J.R. Dodds

Alice Dodds, 4515 Lindell Apt 303, St Louis, MO.

Cousin Floy and Irene Dodds

Luke Dodds and horse Pedro May 1896, picture by James Cunningham of Virginia, ILL

Maggie Cunningham, Virginia, ILL

R.J. Fisher, Canadian cousin.

Miss Alice Dodds, Albion, Idaho

Uncle Willie Cunningham, who died in army camp in Civile War 1863, age 21-determined to enlist though not strong enough.

Letter from Augusta Pietorin or Anderson to Helen Cunningham 1847

Helen Allen

(Helen Allen probably maiden name, Helen Cunningham probably married name)

Alfred Dodds 7/11/1866


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