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Jeans/Blankenship family early 1800's Kentucky
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I just received a death certificate for my ggggrandfather William P. Blankenship, born July, 1844 in Adair County, Kentucky.  died   August 16, 1917, Bartlett, Ramsey County, North Dakota.  His mother's maiden name is listed as what appears to be Jeans , no first name.  Her place of birth is listed as Virginia.  Census reports for William indicate she was born in Kentucky.

Does anyone have information pertaining to a female Jeans, born early 1800's in Kentucky or Virginia, marrying a Blankenship or Blankinship?

William Blankenship married Parthena Frances Dohoney (also from Adair County, Kentucky)  Their children are Porter Orville b. MO, Phebe b. KY, Othor Parish b. KY, Margaret, and Dora. 


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