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How to see the whole chart?
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Hi everyone,

I have noticed that I can not find an option to see the entire family chart - only the direct ancestors of someone, no siblings etc. Is there any way to do this?

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RE: How to see the whole chart?
Esther Weinberg
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At this point in time, there is no single report or chart that will print all the people in the family tree.

 However, you can come close to this by following the advice below:

  1. Use the Descendants or Ancestors chart (Fan, Horizontal or Vertical) to

create a visual chart for each major branch in the tree. You can adjust the

style and color of the chart.

  Save the chart as a PDF when you are finished. This will allow you better

control over the printing options. For example, if you want to take the

charts to a printing shop to have them professionally printed on large size

paper it will be easy to print to one page.

  2. Generate a chart called ‘Close Family Chart’ which will display the descendents of the ancestors of the selected individual. This comes very close to charting an entire family tree.

  3. Create Book Reports for major branches in the tree. The Book Report is

very nicely laid out with photos of everyone, including indirect relations

and lots of other goodies.

I hope this information was useful to you. Good luck!

Best Regards,

Esther / MyHeritage team


Esther Weinberg
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