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Please read before posting
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Rhianna W
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Hi all,

The Genealogy message boards are meant to be a place where you can consult with other members regarding issues about how to document your family history.

Questions like: How do I notate a source in my tree? Does anyone know a good place to search ancestors of Venezuelan origin? Does anyone have information about John Smith, born in Ireland in 1877? belong on this message board.

Questions about using MyHeritage.com or any of our products should be posted on the Support message boards located here or directed to support@myheritage.com.

How do I publish my family tree from Family Tree Builder? How do I invite members to visit my family site? What happens when I get an error message? are questions that belong in the support message boards.

Please take care to post your questions in the proper board so that we can help you in the most efficient manner.

All the best,

MyHeritage support team 

Rhianna W
Tel Aviv, Israel
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RE: Please read before posting
Krista Mutchler
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I agree with you.
Krista Mutchler
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