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Infomation on my Great Grandfather.
M Smith
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Looking for information on my great grandfather.

 My Great Grandfather came to America as a young child. The story that I know and have heard many times was that his father came to America to find work and I guess set up a house. The story goes that from the time that my great grandfather and his mother and another son and daughter boarded a boat from Germany to America. We believe they came in at Philadelphia. Pa. Their father was killed walking down railroad tracks.

The mother spoke no english. So it goes that she placed the children in an orphanage. And returned to Germany. Why she put the children there we do not know. The orphanage burned down causing all the kids to scatter and he was taken in by the Bradley's of Salisbury Maryland. They raised him as their own. They gave him the Bradley name. We think his last name is or was Bartholomew.

We do not know the year they even came to America. My Great Grandfather was so young that he did not know his true birthday. So he picked July 4, 1888.  I'm thinking it was 1888???

My grandmother thinks they came in at Philadelphia. (Not 100%).

My mother said she was in high school. Before she even knew he came from Germany. I asked her why and she said she guesses he was afraid. He refused to talk about it. He died in 1973.

Is there any hope that we'd find out about his mother and other relative's in Germany. Or are we hitting a dead end?

 Any help is vert much appreciated. Please feel free to e mail at PeachRose2015@hotmail.com


M Smith
Lincoln, DE
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