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I am looking for my fathers and mothers side. I have a lot yet hardly any., especially on mom's.

her birth name was, Mary Elizabeth Smith; born April 27 1913, Cooperstown New York. Parents Jerome O. Smith / Estelle Flannagan. Adopted as Mildred E. Joslin. Married Richard A. Schu of Evansville Indiana

My fathers i have a lot except his mothers side and part of his dads moms side. his parents were Jacob Anthony Schu / Anna M. Thorbecke. she was a Thorbecke -Macke decsent. he was Schu and Thromarshaus

 Thromarshaus or Thronarshause is who i am looking for besides thorbecke they were from Indiana and Ohio and new york then from germany-prussia area

schus are from Tholey; St. Wendel area in Saarland Germany

thanks  kathi

kathryn switzer
Mountain Home, TX
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