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I am attempting to create my grandmother's family tree with scarce information. I know most of her family are from in and around Cherokee County Alabama particularly in the cities of Pike, Monroe, Centre, Anniston, Ellis and possibly Plano.

Here are the details I do have which is limited:

Bertha Hogue Qualls b. 1-4-1885 d. 11-15-1971

John William or William John b. 9-20-1885 d. 4-5-1962

I know they are both buried at Hebron Cemetary in Cherokee and I would love to have a digital photo of their headstone to add to my research.

Their children:

Lillie Ruth (Before she died she was married to a Nathan don't remember the last name) Curtis Aileen (Recently passed away. She died on 12-20-2007) Beulah Imogene b. 1-13-1927 in Anniston or Centre. Married Chester Caudill of Ky. Jim 2-8-1913 d. 11-25-1956 Hebron Cemetary Katie Alice

I know that there was 8 or 9 children altogether, but most of them have past and there are only two left and I haven't been able to get any information from the two that are left and I also know there are cousins still living in Alabama but I haven't ever met them. Most of my information I do have has been from genealogy contacts and from what little bit I remember as a child visiting Alabama. If any cousins are out there I would love to connect with you.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I am trying to start this family tree for my grandmother.

Please contact me at wellslori@hotmail.com


Lori Caudill Wells

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