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William Strack, NY
Otto Richter
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I am looking for any and all information on WILLIAM STRACK, full German name: Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Strack), born Feb. 23, 1858 in Reiskirchen, Germany, died Feb. 29, 1928 in New York City, emigrated to the USA in 1877, was merchant in New York, married to Josephine (unknown surname), and had (at least) two children (according to family information):

1) William Strack 2) Benjamin Strack

A few years ago, I got additonal information from the 1900, 1910, and 1920 censuses, and there he lived with 5 children:

1) Florence (born in 1884, PA) 2) William 3) Benjamin 4) Grover 5) Helen (who apparently had died by 1910) 6) Edna (born in 1901, NY)

If anyone can give information about descendants or relatives of William, I'll gladly share his extensiveancestry (all the way back to Charlemagne on about 40 different proven lines!).

Happy hunting!

Otto Richter
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