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Louis Strack
Otto Richter
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In my dataset, I have a LOUIS STRACK (full German name: Ludwig Theodor Heinrich Gustav Strack). He was born on March 26, 1815 in Biedenkopf, Hesse. When he was 17, he emigrated to the USA. Initially, he lived in Baltimore, MD, where he allegedly worked as an instrument maker. Later he moved to Boston, where he then worked as a music teacher, composer and writer. In 1850, he visited his old country. He returned to Boston, but fell sick and returned to Biedenkopf yet again in 1852, where he then died on July 19, 1853. He was supposed to have beem married to a Mary Brown (no data known), apparently without any children. Does anyone know more about Mary and her family? Thanks for any and all info! Otto-G. Richter www.bernbeck.de
Otto Richter
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