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William Hobbie (Hobby) of Boston
Ward Hobby
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Wanted to start the ball on the Hobby/Hobbie family in Massachusetts

I am researching the Hobby family starting with William and Anne Hobbie in Boston around 1638.  He was supposedly born in Wales around 1635 and married Anne around 1661 there. 

John Hobbie was born in 1661 in Wales and had a brother Charles born in 1665 who was knighted for work in Barbados.

One of John Hobbie's sons was William Hobby, born Aug 13 1707 in Boston and he became the first minister in the first church in Reading Massachusetts.

This is my line coming down to Gardner Massachusetts where my father was born. 

I do have a problem with William Hobbie's (of Reading) son named Jonathan, born May 4, 1739 and his movements to possibly Kingston, New York.  This is not very well documented and I continue to look for information on this.

 One of Jonathan's brothers went to Georgia and parts of that family moved on to Texas and descendents of that branch are responsible for the Hobby airport in Houston.


Ward Hobby
Hubbardston, MA
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