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Louisiana Genealogy Blogs
Louisiana Genealogy Blogs
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Louisiana Genealogy Blog is attempting to gather genealogy bloggers in Southeastern US and Louisiana. It is associated with Yahoo Groups of the same name and has other Group affiliations on Google, MSN and a site on Geocities/Yahoo 360* that links to a genealogy news feeder on Bloglines.  The reader links to over 160 genealogy blogs and news sites in Louisiana & the  Southeastern U.S.

The Yahoo Group, Louisiana Genealogy Blogsis accepting new members.  This groups messages post on an RSS feed on the blog, Louisiana Genealogy Blog, which is run by the Group owner. 

The WordPress website is seeking genealogy bloggers from Louisiana.  WordPress is simple to use.  Just create a user name and begin blogging your genealogy interests @ Louisiana Genealogy Blogs.

  1. Click on the link  above and then click on "Get a free WordPress account."

  2. Fill out your username, password, confirmation, and your email address.

  3. Be sure to check the box, "Just a username, please."

  4. Don't forget to send me a link!
My heritage allows users to create their family trees and share them with other family historians from Louisiana.  If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please click here to contact me.

 If you know of a Louisiana genealogy blog please post a link or connect to me through one of these websites. View member profiles at My Heritage and see site memberships.  Here are my memberships. I have several websites including this one that I've recently joined in order to network Louisiana genealogy bloggers.  Our Story is the most recent website that has a few  friends and family members that are from Louisiana. It also offers an RSS feed for newly added stories. The Blog Catalog offers neighborhoods and links to Technorati profiles and My Blog Log. These are just some of the websites that I've linked to and created in order to network Louisiana genealogy bloggers.


THIS URL:  http://louisianablogs.myheritage.com

Louisiana Genealogy Blogs
Kentwood, LA
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