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The Cadman - Dunbar - Ambridge connection
Geoffrey Ambridge
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Hello,      My late mother, Margery Maud Ambridge (nee Cadman) (1910-1964) had a sister Lucy A. Langdale (nee Cadman) (1913-1959).  When I was young, I heard tell of a half-sister of theirs, Ethel Cadman who I've recently understood was born in 1920 but died as Ethel Minnie Dunbar in 1998.  Her husband, Frank W. Dunbar passed away in 1989.

The parents of my mother and Lucy were William Charles Cadman (1874-1945) and wife Maud (or Maude) Cadman (nee Bradford) (1887-1919).  Ethel's father was the SAME William as mentioned but by a different birth mother (forename unknown) ...Ardley...   Evidently a family split took place around the late 1920's or early 1930's, Margery and Lucy went their own ways but kept in close contact with each other.  They married a Sidney Ambridge [my father] and Tony Langdale, respectively.  However, unfortunately, further contact with Ethel and her mother and father was LOST.  Any 'younger' siblings of Ethel born AFTER the family split were probably ~unknown~ to Margery and Lucy.  Possibly Ethel and her 'reshaped' family (minus Margery and Lucy) moved to another district or part of the country.

It is rumoured that Ethel had three younger brothers whom it is understood are/were William Cadman (b.1922); James Cadman (b.1926); and Leslie Cadman (b.1927) and there may have been others yet to be discovered.  Only James Cadman is believed to be alive still in the present-day. Their birth mother would probably have been Ms. Ardley.  My maternal grand-mother, Maud (nee Bradford) had, in addition to her two daughters Margery and Lucy, a son named Charles William Cadman (1916-1917).  Is this any help to anyone or can 'you' fill in any 'bona fide' gaps in our research into the Cadman family emanating from Islington/Edmonton districts of London, which will firm-up the links that we have so far established. Thanking you in anticipation.

Geoff Ambridge (son of the late Margery Maud Ambridge (nee Cadman))

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Geoffrey Ambridge
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