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Brigitte Kutschukian
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My great , great grand-parents were Jules Payet and Marie Fanny,they married and had a child called,Marie Roselda Payet[ born 28.05.1867].

Marie Roselda payet married Jules Arnold Noyeaux[b.1871] and had a child called Marie Elida Noyeaux[b. 1900].

My grandmother, Marie Elida Noyeaux ,married twice. First to Lazer with whom she had a son called Philip. She then remarried  to Bousoula Gabriel, after her 1st husband past away. My dad was only two, when  his mum died, in 1932.  If, there is someone out there with  more info on, the Payet,Noyeaux or Lazer, will you please get in touch with me. It will be much appreciated. Regards.

Brigitte Kutschukian
Rose-hill, Mauritius
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