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Abell Genealogy Books
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Here are a few books you can find on the Abell family at Ancestralbooks.com

Ancestors and Descendants of Jonathan Abell who Came from Connecticut and Settled in Schenectady County, NY About 1812 - by Abell, Horace A. Rochester, NY , 1933 One Branch of the Abell Family Showing the Allied Families - by Abell, Horace A. Rochester, NY , 1934 Robert Abell, Immigrant: to Mrs. James Blaine Edwards and Family - by Edwards, Ruth Merritt Marengo, IA , 1959 The Abell Family in America. Robert Abell of Rehoboth, MA His English Ancestry and His Descendants. Other Abell…. - by Abell, Horace A. & Lewis P. Rutland, VT , 1940
Ancestral Links
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