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Peter Whittinghill
sandra jacques
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For the many people who have entered that Peter Whittinghill was born in Augusta County, Virginia - there is absolutely no proof of his birth in this country or another.  Apparently you have copied information from another who erroneously entered his birth.  I have searched Peter Whittinghill endlessly in Augusta Co., VA; Mercer Co., KY, Warrick/Spencer Cos, IN, Salt Lake City, Fort Wayne, and anywhere I could look on the internet.  No one knows anything about Peter Whittinghill before he was in the Revolutionary War.  The Whittinghill book gives several stories about Peter and I've heard others, but they are ALL speculation.  If you have any real source (the Whittinghill book is not a source, it's secondhand information) proving his birth or the births of his children, please post for all to see.  This is the biggest brick wall I have and I too would like to know if Peter was found in a cabbage patch or he actually had parents somewhere.  Thanks.
sandra jacques
Dayton, OH
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