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Info Needed on Joshua Hawkins
Kelli Dowdell
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I do not have much information but this is what I do have


Joshua Hawkins Is the Father of Lucinda Hawkins - Mother is unknown 

 Lucinda was born June 16,1860 in W. VA She died: Feb 15,1927 in Pease Township, Belmont County, Ohio She is buried in Weeks cementery. She married John F. Nolan on Dec. 1,1874

Lucinda Hawkins and  John F. Nolan  had Nora Melissa Nolan Who Married Russell Ellsworth Dowdell 


Nora and Russell are my great grandparents( my grandfathers Parents) 

I do not know if Joshua had more children other than Lucinda 

I also do not know of Lucinda and John Had any more kids other then my Great Grandma Nora , she's the only one I know about but the family members who would know the right answers are dead. (my living family gets information Messed up)


Not sure if this will help but John F Nolan's Parents are 

Sobias Nolan and Elizabeth Overs 

Sobias was born 1828

Elizabeth was born 1833 - Wetzel WVA , Died: 1870

They were married in 1848


 Any information on Joshua Hawkins would be really appriciated I would also love to find out who Lucinda's Mother was


Thanks in Advance 

Kelli Dowdell
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