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I have a book tracing the Chrisman line back to the 1700's. It begins with Jacob Chrisman Sr. and goes down all the way to my parents (1960) and in some cases further. It also branches quite a bit into a Duncan lineage as well as a Stutzman Lineage. The problem I am having is some of the dates don't seem to add up and while I believe the name are correct in most cases I would like to double check.  I was curious if anyone would be willing to help me and maybe we can help each other.

My line (without branching way out there) is basically this.

Jacob Chrisman(Christmann) Sr.-(he married his first wife in Penn. US and she died, i know no more than that. he remarries to Barbara, maiden name unknown) They raised 9 sons and 5 daughters although I'm not sure if all of the children were all from Barbara. Jacob came to America on a ship from Holland (I'm pretty sure he was German) called the Princess Augusta captained by Samuel Merchant. Jacob arrived in Phillidelphia , Penn September 16, 1736, He was 25. A member of the Moravian religion (I'm not sure what that means) and came to the "New World" to spread the news of Christ. When his first wife died her sister helped raise the kids (so some portion of his children were from wife number one) In 1762 Jacob moved to North Carolina with his family and was well known around Reedy Fork and Haw River in the northern part of Guilford County, NC. He died in Guligord County, NC Jan 24, 1785

(I also have a memoir of Jacob Chrisman (Christmann) if interested)

Any... it goes 

Jacob Chrisman (Christmann), Sr. -wife #1 or Barbara Unknown Balthaser Chrisman - Elizabeth Hartmann Jacob Chrisman - Dorothy Uknown Abner Chrisman - Mary Elvira Holman John Brown Chrisman - Mary Elizabeth Stutzman Thomas Elmer Chrisman - 2nd Wife Sarah Elizabeth Duncan Leonard Guy Chrisman - Josie May Foster (sometimes listed as Josephine but it IS Josie) Kenneth L. Oliver - Valeta Ann Chrisman

The rest is private cause they are still alive... 

please if you can help me wih anything or want to know about any of the above mentioned people please... drop a line. Wink

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