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Timeline Software - advice needed!
Lynne Stacey
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I am currently looking for some timeline software to produce a timeline of events over a period of about 100 years in order that I can display the life of some of my ancestors and overlay world/local events of that time. In this way I hope to get a graphical feel for my ancestors life and also the times they were living in. Does anyone else use such products to display their research?

Before I spend lots of time and money sourcing a product I thought I would ask the experts (you!).

I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on what is a good product to use (Pro's and cons) and what I should steer clear of and why? What do I need to be looking out for in terms of functionality to give me the best possible presentation of my information but also hopefully, the ability to drill behind the information in the main timeline to give background notes etc?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Lynne Stacey
Oxford, United Kingdom
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