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McCarty/Blair in GA,SC,ND 1700-1850
Nathan Philip Strause III
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 I  am a direct descendant of Ann Blair, daughter of Hugh Blair Jr. and Mary (Polly) Lee aand granddaughter of Hugh Blair Sr and Jemimah McCarty.

Jemimah was the daughter of Daniel McCarty of Lincoln County (formally Tryon) and Granville Counties, NC. He had a brother Cornelius who owned land near Daniel in NC, SC. Daniel married Agness (???). Among their children was my 5th great grandmother Jemimah. Their family owned property in Granville County and Lincoln County(formerly Tryon) In NC. Land was sold between Daniel and a Johnston whose son Samuel eventually married Daniel’s daughter Olley (Olive)

Evidently Daniel’s brother Cornelius left for South Carolina before Daniel did because he transferred some land to Daniel and Hugh Blair. Blair married Daniel’s daughter Jemimah and moved to SC and eventually GA with Daniel . His sons Daniel Jr. John & Jacob moved also as did most of his daughters.

There was a Cornelius recorded in Lincoln County NC as head of a household of 3 males of 16 years or older, 1 male under 16 and 3 females. Since we know Daniel and his older brother Cornelius was in SC or GA by that time. I wonder if this might be the father of the two brothers. I do not know anything about his wife and children. I believe the Cornelius from Mecklenburg (formerly Tryon) County NC who married Jemima Bell and move eventually to KY and Ohio are members of the McCarthy family from Stafford County VA. I do not believe that he was because his marriage date was in the 1820’s. and he went west while my McCarty’s migrated southwards. I believe Cornelius, the eldest son of Daniel who was the heir in law of Cornelius’ of SC estate and married in GA. I still haven’t worked that out yet.

One fact I have discovered is that there were two families (one was named Goforth)involved with the McCarty’s in Tryon and/or Granville County who can be connected in Bucks County PA with a Cornelius McCarty. I’m not sure about this but perhaps it is worth investigating.

I am hopeful that someone may have some data that might open a few doors to my McCarty/Blair Family.


Phil Strause

Nathan Philip Strause III
Tucson, AZ
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